Hey ☻

My name is Bingbing. I am a visual designer based in New York City. I graduated from MFA Design program at the School Of Visual Arts in 2022.

My work focuses on community, culture, and approaches to art and design without traditional constraints.

Please feel free to contact me for collaborations, work inquiries, general art
and design conversations or photos of my cat!



Pollen is an editorial platform highlighting the emerging art, creativity, and culture in Chinese and Chinese American communities.
Pollen is an essential part of our life. The idea of pollen is sharing something small with the world and hoping it will lead to something beautiful – An Idea, a new perspective, or even a new way of looking at the world. Pollen was born from my frustration as a young Chinese creative, tired of seeing the same type of Chinese art and often having to do deep dives on the internet to find people I can relate to. Pollen offers a space for Chinese Creatives to exchange ideas and allows communities to form.
Branding Identity. Creative Direction. Motion Design. Typography.Ongoing.