Hey ☻

My name is Bingbing. I am a visual designer based in New York City. I graduated from MFA Design program at the School Of Visual Arts in 2022.

My work focuses on community, culture, and approaches to art and design without traditional constraints.

Please feel free to contact me for collaborations, work inquiries, general art
and design conversations or photos of my cat!



BMW China for the year of tiger. 

Client BMW China
Creative Agency Real Good Studio
Creative Direction Jonah Gabriel
Art Direction Sam Hochman
Editing BRTHR
Music Tomás Tomás
Production Rosa Palmeri, Anne-Marie Halovanic
Featured Artists:Pablo Rochat, Conner Griffith, Christopher Rutledge, Loulou João, Alexandre Louvenaz,
Kensuke Koike, Mike Manor, Sarah Hopp, Tom Goulet, Danaé Gosset, Tina Nawrocki, Blunt Action, Nathan Motzko, Sam Hochman
2D Animation: Tom Goulet, Rachel Kim, Mackenzie Katz
3D Animation: Yasmin Islas, Rodrigo Hernández, Rachel Kim, Alexandre Louvenaz, Mackenzie Katz, Josh Burke,
Mikey Kelly, Subin Krishna, Danesh Taraporevala,
Design: Leah Maldonado, Zak Tebbal, Bingbing Zhang, Suzie Komza